Business Continuity (BC) forms and integral part of risk management and is often misunderstood in its  concept and purpose within an organizational structure. Whether you are a SME or large corporation, business continuity systems should be integrated within your business structure with the objective to absorb  impact events that could not be mitigated by security measures and recover back to normal operations.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is the process of establishing processes and systems within your daily operations and maintaining these systems through regular review, auditing and testing, ensuring continual improvement and functionality.  BCM is not a "one size fits all" system and should be developed according to your tactical and strategic objectives at organizational and department levels.


Building resilience is our speciality and business continuity forms a critical component in the pursuance for a more resilient enterprise. With a hybrid approach of online analyses and physical assessments and interviews with key staff within your organization, we will provide you with a cost effective response plan that would not only enhance your strategic growth but simultaneously, prepare you against risks influential to your daily objectives. Additionally, we ensure that implemented systems are aligned with industry standards and the ISO 22301(2019).

Our BC services includes the following:

  • Threat Analysis

  • Risk Assessment

  • Planning

  • Business Continuity Policy  

  • Proprietary Response Plans

  • Implementation of systems and procedures

  • Employee awareness trainging and the process of initiating response plans.

  • Exercise and testing procedures  and training.

  • Reporting procedures.

  • Systems review techniques.

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