Our physical security solutions are driven by a comprehensive vulnerability assessment done at your site to assess your needs in the pursuance of security risk mitigation measures.  Notably, we are not your average security company as our approach is focussed on Security Operations Management Systems (SOMS) in alignment with the ISO 18788 (2015). Aligning your security management program with the ISO 18788 (2015) will also improve the organization’s responsibility to comply with ethical aspects. Our corporate approach to security solutions will ensure that your security operations, whether proprietary or contract security, integrates with your business operations and will support organizational objectives.

If you have no physical security components in place, we will design your security program through integrated protective layers determined by your budget and risk appetite. Iris Solutions have an excellent track record of designing physical security systems (PSS) across the globe in corporate and hostile environments. Our experience in special operations and a network of dedicated security professionals contribute to the effectiveness of our security programs.

A significant component of our security solutions is the integration of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). This cost-reducing approach utilizes physical security hardware, organizational elements and the natural environment to improve the use of space and behavioral characteristics of your employees. This approach establishes a positive work environment whereby employee's displays developed awareness and risk ownership.

Our physical security solutions include:

  • Surveillance Technology – CCTV, UAS, aerostats, perimeter surveillance radar and hybrid technology.

  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).

  • Access Control Systems – Manual, electronic and biometric.

  • Perimeter Fencing.

  • Security Lighting.

  • Site Hardening.

  • Security Personnel – Mobile and static operations.

  • Security Policies, procedures and response plans.

  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Solutions.

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