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Whether you are a large organization with a multinational structure or a tourist traveling abroad, the importance of travel preparedness and planning is critical. Corporate travel risk management requires the establishment of a comprehensive travel policy illustrating the organization's duty of care towards their employees. Simultaneously, a travel policy guides employees during business travel and should establish the importance of situational awareness during travel. Iris Solutions provides various corporate packages to facilitate training and safe traveling of employees, whether it domestic or international travel.

The Iris Solution team are experts in traveling through high-risk countries and conflict zones and can accommodate safe traveling with real-time risk advisory throughout the travel period. Employees are provided a comprehensive travel package prior to departure that includes risk indicators, contact numbers, emergency procedures and ethical practices within the country or region of travel. We also establish an evacuation plan that could be facilitated by our highly trained staff. Our multinational network reduces response times to assist or evacuate your employees. Real-time monitoring are facilitated through a Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) manned 24/7 by our expert staff.

Additionally, tourists travel risk management provides cost-effective solutions to provide peace of mind while exploring the wonders of the world. Several packages from consultancy sessions to personal protection details are available.

Our Travel Risk Management options include:

  • Establishment of a Travel Policy

  • Training

  • Information packages

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Employee evacuation

  • Personal Protective Details

  • Kidnap and Ransom facilitation

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